In this page I will show you tactics and tricks on how to play Borderlands, and I hope it helps.

The Critical Point

Each enemy has a “critical” point that you can hit for more damage.  Here they are and there is a lot of them, but I’ll only be showing a few

The Skag: It has a mouth that has three parts if you shoot there it will do more damage.

The “Humans”: Humans obviously get shot in the head so that is where the crit. Point is.

The Outrider: has a crit.point which is the gunner on top. He has his head poking out, if you shoot that it will deal critical damage.

The Spiderant: They have a “lobe” on there back end if you shoot that it deals crit. Damage.

Last but not least

The Destroyer(Final boss): His big blue eye deals a bit of crit. Damage (rhyme intended)

The Skill Tree

I won’t tell you too much about the skill tree, but I will tell you the base skills for each character

The Berserker: berserk mode: you run around and basically punch any enemy, and it does more damage the more you upgrade him.

The Hunter: Bloodwing(A Bird) can do long range attacks and elemental damage, it can also give health.

The Soldier: He can place a turret in front of him and it can also give health if you upgrade him enough.

The Siren: She can use Phasewalk which allows her to move really fast, become invisible, and entering and leaving phasewalk creates a blast, damaging nearby enemies.

In Conclusion

I hope this page helps you in your journey

all the best,






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